Best Elementary and Middle Schools in NJ

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19. Markham Place School

Location: Little Silver

Score: 93.68 | Percentile: 99th

18. Essex Fells Elementary School

Location: Essex Fells

Score: 93.91 | Percentile: 99th

17. Zane North Elementary School

Location: Collingswood

Score: 93.93 | Percentile: 99th

16. Clark Mills Schools

Location: Manapalan

Score: 94.00| Percentile: 99th

15. Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary School

Location: Summit

Score: 94.05 | Percentile: 99th

14. Mendham Township Middle School

Location: Brookside

Score: 94.84 | Percentile: 99th

13. The Gray Charter School

Location: Newark

Score: 95.04| Percentile: 99th

12. Alexander Hamilton School

Location: Glen Rock

Score: 95.19 | Percentile: 99th

11. Edith A. Bogert Elementary School

Location: Upper Saddle River

Score: 95.22 | Percentile: 99th

10. Washington Elementary School

Location: Westfield

Score: 95.27 | Percentile: 99th

9. Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School

Location: Somerset

Score: 95.49 | Percentile: 100th

8. Woodmont School

Location: Pine Brook

Score: 95.53 | Percentile: 100th

7. Upper School

Location: Englewood Cliffs

Score: 95.79 | Percentile: 100th

6. Little Falls Township Public School No. 3

Location: Little Falls

Score: 96.17 | Percentile: 100th

5. School No. 1

Location: Fort Lee

Score: 96.24 | Percentile: 100th

4. Mendham Township Elementary School

Location: Brookside

Score: 96.31 | Percentile: 100th

3. Knollwood School

Location: Fair Haven

Score: 96.73 | Percentile: 100th

2. Wyoming School

Location: Millburn

Score: 97.05 | Percentile: 100th

1. Edward H. Bryan School

Location: Cresskill

Score: 97.47 | Percentile: 100th

Best Elementary and Middle Schools in NJ

I know you care about schools, so here we go!

Rankings based on New Jersey state's Ratings

by Sharleen Yuan

More than 50% of home buyers with children under 18 years old consider the quality of school as a major factor influencing their decision on a neighborhood, according to the report “Profile of HomeBuyers and Sellers” from National Association of Realtors (NAR).

The quality of school is ranked more important than affordability, or proximity to friends and family. Only distance to the workplace is slightly more important than school quality. However, comparing the performance of elementary and middle schools is not easy, especially given ranking school systems with vastly different resources and curriculum could be more subjective than objective than you imagine. Nonetheless, New Jersey is trying.

How the Ratings were Calculated

High schools: Four-year graduation rate (20 percent), five-year graduation rate (20 percent), progress toward English language proficiency (20 percent) English proficiency (15 percent), math proficiency (15 percent), chronic absenteeism (10 percent)

Elementary and middle schools: English language arts growth (20 percent), math growth (20 percent), progress toward English language proficiency (20 percent), English language arts proficiency (15 percent), math proficiency (15 percent), chronic absenteeism (10 percent)

Here are the Top 50 Elementary and Middle Schools

50. Lincoln School

Location: Pompton Lakes

Score: 88.58 | Percentile: 97th

49. Old Farmers Road School

Location: Long Valley

Score: 88.59 | Percentile: 97th

48. Cherry Hill School

Location: River Edge

Score: 88.65 | Percentile: 97th

47. Woodland School

Location: Warren

Score: 88.89 | Percentile: 97th

46. Barley Sheaf Elementary School

Location: Flemington

Score: 89.09 | Percentile: 97th

45. Yardville Elementary School

Location: Hamilton

Score: 89.11 | Percentile: 97th

44. Crim Primary School

Location: Bridgewater

Score: 89.18 | Percentile: 97th

43. Riverview Elementary School

Location: Denville

Score: 89.35 | Percentile: 98th

42. Lakeview Elementary School

Location: Denville

Score: 89.49 | Percentile: 98th

41. Brookside School

Location: Allendale

Score: 89.52 | Percentile: 98th

40. Stony Brook Elementary

Location: Pennington

Score: 89.67 | Percentile: 98th

39. Soaring Heights Charter School

Location: Jersey City

Score: 89.78 | Percentile: 98th

38. Highland Elementary School

Location: Midland Park

Score: 89.93 | Percentile: 98th

37. Terrence C. Reilly School

Location: Elizabeth

Score: 90.21 | Percentile: 98th

36. School No. 3

Location: Cliffside Park

Score: 90.27 | Percentile: 98th

35. St. Cloud Elementary School

Location: West Orange

Score: 90.34 | Percentile: 98th

34. Hamilton Primary School

Location: Basking Ridge

Score: 90.37 | Percentile: 98th

33. Hillsborough Township Elementary School

Location: Hillsborough

Score: 90.61 | Percentile: 98th

32. Lyncrest Elementary School

Location: Fair Lawn

Score: 90.61 | Percentile: 98th

31. Warren Point Elementary School

Location: Fair Lawn

Score: 90.63 | Percentile: 98th

30. Brayton Elementary School

Location: Summit

Score: 90.74 | Percentile: 98th

29. Hatikvah International Academy

Location: East Brunswick

Score: 90.75 | Percentile: 98th

28. Hillside Elementary School

Location: Closter

Score: 90.86 | Percentile: 98th

27. Pace Charter School of Hamilton

Location: Hamilton

Score: 91.18 | Percentile: 98th

26. Radburn Elementary School

Location: Fair Lawn

Score: 91.35 | Percentile: 98th

25. Hillview School

Location: Pompton Plains

Score: 91.38 | Percentile: 99th

24. Glenwood School

Location: Short Hills

Score: 91.61 | Percentile: 99th

23. Joseph D. Sharp Elementary School

Location: Cherry Hill

Score: 92.72 | Percentile: 99th

22. Merritt Memorial

Location: Cresskill

Score: 93.36 | Percentile: 99th

21. Henry B. Milnes Elementary School

Location: Fair Lawn

Score: 93.37 | Percentile: 99th

20. Cornelia F. Bradford School

Location: Jersey City

Score: 93.61 | Percentile: 99th